Harvesting the Wisdom of Nature for Optimum Wellness

Ayus ~ Life, longevity; Veda ~ Science, wisdom, knowledge;
Thus, The Science of Life

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old premier holistic system of health care developed and practiced in India and now throughout the world. It emphasizes prevention & empowers the individual to heal and maintain a vigorous life naturally. Ayurveda integrates nutrition, natural hygeine (exercise and other lifestyle supports for wellness), psychology, herbal support, and rejuvenation. The body is understood to be a microcosm of Nature, resilient, alive in form and function with the 5 elements, capable of healing itself and coping with all the stressors of the environment.

Ayurveda provides/offers a pathway to a high quality of health which is not the mere absence of disease but a state of ease, lightness, balance and even bliss in body mind and spirit. Ayurveda defines health as a “participatory, ongoing process of achieving and maintaining a dynamic balance in all aspects of life through means of comprehensive natural therapies CUSTOMIZED to suit the person’s psyhco-somatic constitution and current imbalance.” ( Textbook of Ayurvedic Medicine )

Walking this path to radiant health requires self- awareness and the cultivation of conscious living. When we understand our individual constitution, we can adjust & align ,  our daily lifestyle habits (diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, etc.) with the dynamically shifting rhythms of nature in order to feel vibrant through all the seasons and cycles of life. Our natural state of health gradually emerges from within and we are suffused with energy and well-being to live our lives more fulfilled, empowered, robust and peaceful.


Patricia specializes in assisting individuals to understand their unique constitution and counseling them on dietary and lifestyle choices which will be appropriate and balancing for their health. Diet and lifestyle considerations are arguably the two most important factors in health.

RumiThe journey to optimal health, balance and bliss usually begins with a recognition that you don’t feel so well and that something in your body is not working. Maybe your digestion is off, your joints ache, you have insomnia, migraines, menstrual difficulty, menopausal discomfort, skin issues or other inflammatory conditions. You might feel chronically scattered & anxious. These are all symptoms of disease or imbalance.

Ayurveda aims to identify and address the root causes of imbalance rather than simply treat symptoms.  In a thorough Ayurvedic initial consult of 90 minutes, we carefully examine your concerns and health goals, determine your unique constitution according to Ayurveda, and identify the underlying causes of your imbalance.

Pulse and tongue reading as well as detailed discussion of the information on your intake form,  provide the practitioner with the information to create for you a step-wise personal program to generate a renewal of health.

You may experience the following benefits and results over time: (benefits we are all interested in, yet each individual’s pathway toward these and other health objectives may differ based on their constitutional needs and proclivities.)

  • improved digestion
  • stronger immunity
  • sounder sleep
  • mental clarity & equilibrium
  • vibrant energy
  • optimal weight
  • gradual resolution of symptoms

Change can be challenging. We aim to make it more effortless by helping you reduce your stress level. Humans often revert to what is comfortable & familiar when we experience stress, so your first post-consultation recommendations will usually include stress- management protocols to support success with your personal program.

You may choose a one-time consultation, but especially if your issues & concerns are long-standing, follow-up appointments (around 2 week intervals) for troubleshooting, ongoing education, coaching , and fine- tuning your program are crucial to ensure your success . Over time, you will more sensitively observe the dynamic interplay of Nature’s elements with your bodymind spirit complex and easily take action, and adjust your exercise, dietary, and lifestyle choices in order to feel your best at all times!!!

Patricia also offers Ayurvedic detoxification/cleansing programs and treatments.


Initial consultation with recommendations (stand alone): $108.
Initial consultation + one 60 min. followup: $150.
Initial consultation + two followups: $180.

* consultations are in-depth & comprehensive and may require a day or two of synthesis before presentation of full recommendations.


Abhyanga – two handed: Ayurvedic Bodywork massage with warm custom- herbalized oil: $80.

Herbal powders /warm milk or rice boluses/hot sand/raw silk gloves are sometimes used for therapeutic purposes. Cost adjusted as appropriate.

Abhyanga – 4-handed – performed with two therapists: $160.

Detoxification Programs: 3, 5, 7 or 14 days; Cost: variable

Swedana – localized or whole body steam/hydrotherapy treatments to facilitate cleansing and healing.
Cost: variable

Shirodhara– flow of warm customized herbal oil over the forehead and scalp to deeply calm, soothe and revive the nervous system. With foot, facial and head massage: $80.

Personal AyurYoga coaching for Harmony & Balance


Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner Patricia Berger offers consultations and coaching at Blue Lotus Sanctuary to help individuals express their unique blueprint for radiant health, vitality and longevity. She is gifted with the ability to  share this ancient system with thoroughly modern applications which are both simple & direct as well as subtle and sophisticated in depth of theory.

An educator for 40 years, licensed bodyworker for 30 years, certified yoga instructor for 25 years, Patricia trained at Kerala Ayurvedic Academy in Seattle and New World Ayurveda in Santa Barbara..She has led adventure retreats in Ayurvedic Living in Sedona and Hawaii, and her health coaching links an individual to the magnificent healing power of their intrinsic intelligence which is also reflected in the beauty of Nature.

Patricia lives in Coeur d Alene with her husband Jeffrey Douglass .  She enjoys spending time with her three children & grandkids,  Yoga, hiking, cycling,   exploring the  great Inland Northwest, diverse world cultures,   and places of tropical beauty.

To contact Patricia Berger
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