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Patricia Berger began a serious & life-changing study of Yoga in Seattle in 1979 . By the mid-80’s she was beginning to teach and soon naturally discovered Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda. This ancient system of prevention and healing is rich with practical teachings to illumine the way for busy post-moderns intent on evolving consciousness and simply living  happy, healthy, fulfilled lives. She began to slowly incorporate some of the lifestyle recommendations into her daily practice and discovered a tremendous improvement in her vitality, health and stamina, grounding and support for daily life.  By 1991 she moved to Idaho and while continuing a busy bodywork practice, teaching & studying yoga, she embarked on professional Ayurvedic training.

Now she weaves her passion for Yoga and Ayurveda into studio teachings in Idaho, retreats in the  Sedona studio, local community education: Ayurvedic cooking classes, daily routines to optimize health, seasonal practices for immunity and vitality, support for women thru the life-cycles & transitions, corporate retreats & seminars for business leaders.


Patricia is registered with  Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 500 level, having trained in the Iyengar, Hatha & Anusara traditions with many master teachers over the decades. She trained and certified (both as an Ayurvedic practitioner and Panchakarma Technician)  with Dr. Paul Dugliss MD at New World Ayurveda in Santa Barbara and Portland Maine , as well as Kerala Ayurvedic Academy in Seattle Washington. Patricia also was privileged to mentor with , sponsor and assist venerable Ayurvedic physicians Drs. Avinash , Nandan, Bharati & Amruta Lele of Pune, India.  She brought them to Idaho on 4 occasions where they together provided Panchakarma (Ayurvedic cleansing retreats) as well as community education & consultations to large groups of people.

She is also a serious student of Jyotisha , certified Level 1 & 2 by Sam Geppi with the Academy of Vedic Arts & Sciences.   She offers Vedic Astrology consultations by appointment.


Patricia delights in sharing life with her children and little brood of granddaughters in Idaho, Seattle, and New York. She can also be found basking in coastal beauty or mountain hiking with her husband Jeff, extended family or on occasional solitary retreat to maintain balance with the outward movement of life.