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Spring and summer at Blue Lotus Sanctuary have been sweet, subdued and steady as we stabilized ourselves thru Zoom online Meditation, breathing,  and  planetary Yoga  practices the first few months of Covid , adding  back small in-studio (open-aired & socially-distanced,) and outside classes in July and August.

 (Tuesday 4 pm and Thursday 7:30 am.   Zoom classes ongoing; in- studio classes continue thru at least Sept.).


Vedic Astrology readings to deepen understanding of personal pathways through this unprecedented time, as well as Ayurvedic consultation for strong immunity have also continued.  (By appointment)

Our solid anchor has been a 40 min Meditation offering every MWF early morning (7 am thru September; time in Oct. TBA) since the pandemic was declared in early March.  After gentle breath focus, movement and a short reflection, we sit together in silent, effortless attunement to the Spacious Stillness of Being Itself. Remembering more of our Truthful Identity with each sitting, we are encouraged and empowered to meet the daily challenges as they arise with compassionate, witnessing Presence and a greater sense of Peace. Thus, the natural wisdom and spontaneity of Life itself flows more easily through us, contributing to the personal and societal healing  this time requires.

Overwhelmed and stressed out? Private, restorative & meditative sound- healing sessions are also available to bring equanimity and gentle resilience to the nervous system.

During this time I am profoundly  grateful for the steady inspiration, love and support of my SatGuru Gurumayi Chidvilasanda since 1988; my brilliant Vedic Astrology teacher Sam Geppi; and many illumined, non-dual voices, in particular Louise Kay and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.